Skyship Adventure Part 1

Lilly, a fierce explorer flew over the puffy clouds as her teammate Rhon. Gulped “are we there yet’’ said Rhon “nope were only past the Fish n Wol’’ said Lilly a deep silence starts but a noise of scratching metal “is that our ship?’’ said Rhon … 

As the screeching noise stopped out of the Cloudes a cloud dragon jumped on the sky ship perfectly, it was about to attacked Rhon, but Lilly ran Infront Rhon and she took the nearest sword from a golden table as she slayed the dragon the sword went thru the dragon, she stopped wait I forgot we cannot fight it is made from clouds, but it is hurting us from its claws, but it was too late  

The dragon ran to the engine room “it’s going to rip out the engine’’ 

Said Lilly is it too late? The ship made funny noises ahh both screamed, and it crashed in tringle land “is any one hurt’’ said Lilly  

But no one answered.   

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