Skyship adventure part 2

Suddenly, Billy sat up. There in front of him was the skyship not a whole skyship half a skyship. The cold air blowed through his hair, everyone got up and stared at the broken skyship, they looked around and there in front was mountains, huge snowy mountains. “THIS WAY!” shouted the captain. They all walked to the start of the trail between the mountains, John pulled out a map “here we are, on the other side of these Mountains is home, I think we are about 5 days away from Roselin village.”


After a while they stopped for a drink, while they were sitting, they saw something in the distance. “what’s that?” Asked billy confused. Captain Jasmine ran and popped her head around the bush to see what a was there, just a little chicken pecking the grass. The captain ran back. “JUST A CHICKEN DON’T BE WORRIED!”


Later that night, they all got out there sleeping bags and laid on the grass staring at the mountains and the scenery. After a while they all went to sleep. The stars and moon were out, glittering on the pond, it was silent. Until the wolves started howling. Suddenly a twig snapped, and everything went dark.

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