skyship adventure part 2

Sky ship Adventure Part 2 


The icy white snow was blowing in their faces as they were heading down the mountain. Finally, they reach the bottom and they knew it was going to be hard to find the other sky ship. Coming across an enormous tree they sat under its branches for a to rest for a minute. 


All of a sudden, a big fluffy owl flew out of a hole in the trunk. They tried to climb the big oak and after a couple of minutes they reached the owl’s hole where they saw the owl and another one as well, talking to each other. The larger owl turned to Maddie and asked, “What are you doing in our tree?” Maddie replied, “We are looking for the bright blue-sky ship.” and explained to the owls about how they both crashed. The owls said they would go around the island to have a look.  


Waiting under the old oak, they were startled by a sudden bang behind them in the distance. 

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