skyship adventure part 2

Liam woke up to the smoke in his eyes as tears run down his cheek to find that the swine’s had taken down his Skyship and Jake had come out alive as well they had crash landed in the middle of nowhere so they decided to try and seek a place to at least sit but when exploring they found something that would blow their mind.



When they arrived in the Barking woods of Longfordton they saw one of the warrior swine resting on a firm log Jake and Liam wanted to stay away and that is What they did and they found a little croft where Liam’s aunt lived, they got some warm tea with some rich tea biscuits after that they set off on an adventure.




Liam’s aunt drove them to the shop, but Liam forgot to mention he lost his paper for letters in the crash so no way of communication, so the first thought was to buy supplies as Liam’s aunt gave them £30, they bought flashlights food drink map compass, so they set off to the Saleford peak to look for shelter.




Jake looked at the map and Liam looked at the compass Liam said, “we need to go SE to get to the peak they did just that when they arrived Liam yelled “look there is a cave in the middle of the peak” so they went to it Jake said, “lucky for us we bought sleeping bags” They laughed the first night they heard the baby bird murmuring As Jake and Liam got a goodnight sleep as they eat the rich tea biscuits suddenly black…

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