Skyship Adventure part 2

 Jess, Marcus and the rest of the crew were dashing around inside the skyship. They were all trying to figure out why the engines had failed. At that moment, the ground was coming closer and closer as they hurtled through the sky towards the ground. Then there was an almighty crash they had hit the ground; it was too late. 


Jess scrambled out of the rubble, she scanned the mounds of reddish mud and rubble. Jess shouted, “is everyone ok?” trying to keep panic out of her voice. From in the rubble and debris there was a whole host of replies and shouts of confusion. Marcus and Jess looked at the remains of the sky ship, it looked as if it had aged 100 years. The skyship was ripped and torn all over it looked nothing like the magnificent ship it had been a mere 2 minutes ago. They could see a gloomy forest in the distance lit up by the moonlight. Jess was worried she knew that this would slow down their journey and that the skyship would need lots of repairs. Jess started walking around to see where they were, she ended concluding that they were somewhere near Silva Forest. 


Jess and Marcus cautiously walked towards the black silhouette of the Silva forest. The grass crunched under their feet, there were dark ominous clouds of fog leading them towards the forest like a strange stairway. As they walked closer and closer to the forest it felt like it dropped 10 degrees, there was an eerie silence in the air. As they entered the forest the branches looked like they were grabbing a lost soul all twisted and turned like the bony hands of a skeleton. They walked through the forest as quiet as the moss growing on a dormant tree. Jess was stood in a clearing in the forest, she heard a snap she whipped around she could sense she wasn’t alone. Out of the blue there was a blood wrenching scream then everything went black… 

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