The Beach

Yesterday Evening me and my little sister Rosie went on a walk to Blackpool Beach. It was cold and windy so we put on our warm coat,hat and gloves. When we got to the beach I sat down and Rosie ran to play in the sand. The sea was strong and had huge waves. After a few minutes Rosie came running back to me crying. There was a nasty smell that filled the air. It smelt like burnt seaweed. A huge shadow appeared. It had a big blue laser eye with massive wings. As I was about to leave Rosie smelt something and ran off. I screamed for her, but there was no response. I searched for her for hours but had no luck. I found her coat,her hat and her gloves on the ground. After a three hours of searching I finally found her she was starring at the sky looking pale. Her whole body was shaking I picked her up and took her home.

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