the firefly

The firefly

Episode 3

As she finally got the engine working the sound got closer and closer. chad quivered to the floor and curled up in a ball as the hairs on the back off his neck pricked him. Finally, the noise stopped……until it was back but right up against his ear. He leaped up with his legs shaking and his breath trembling as h edged closer to the suspicions sound. Iris stood there rolling her eyes

 “what you crawling around on the floor for? You look weird.” Iris shrugged and walked over to the side without hesitation

“AHH it’s a big ball of fur!” she yelled

“that’s a baby orangatang you idiot” Chad said pulling it up on the firefly

“it’s injured. I’ll go get some towels” iris ran off.

As he was wrapping it up he wondered if it would survive.





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