The Frogamander by Olivia R

The Frogamander – Olivia R

The Frogamander is a 2ft beast with sickly, barf looking skin . It is closely related to the frog and snake . It originated from the Amazon rainforest where its society grew .The creature has gills and lungs so it can Creep in the stream to catch its prey.

It is very hard to identify in the rainforest when it has its camo technology is on . The skin on the Frogamander makes it hunted over the world.They have large bead like eyes that look bloodshot red .When it gets ready to pounce it curls into a ball and waits for its prey to creep over.You may hear them but there hi-tec camo skills hide them.

The creature lives closer to people unlike most wild animals . They hide when hunters go near but always keep an eye on the intruder.If they get spotted they stare them dead in the eye and hop/run deeper into the rainforest.

But they are under threat, more and more are spotted each day and they get killed . They get eaten for villagers chà (tea in Spanish ) and this is vital for the extinction of the Frogamander.If you want to save the creature search and donate just £9.99 a month to save this amazing creature.

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