The Journey – Part 2 By Kyle

The Journey – Part 2.   By Kyle


“PREPARE TO CRASH LAND!!” Shouted Captain Jim. The ship was plummeting at high speeds. The airship crashed right into the city square in Timeless Towers. “This is bad!” Exclaimed John. People were confused, they ran away. Did they escape the sky goblins?


In the city square, there were ruins. Jake and John were confused. The mayor came by.“Oh no, Big Bob is coming”. “JIM, WHAT THE BLOOMING HECK IS THIS!!??” “Bob, look I am sor-” “CLEAN THIS UP RIGHT NOW, OR I’LL KICK YOU OUT!!” “Boys, you will have to stay here yourself right now, I need to get repairs for this crash” Jake and John decided to look around the city. They saw blinding billboards around the city. Cars across the streets were parked and the towers were towering over them. But there was an abandoned factory that looked as if it lay there for hundreds of years.


The ship was moaning it was in terrible condition. It was in terrible condition. It looked like a sunken pirate ship. The clock tower was ticking and the football game was on with fans screaming. Taxis were everywhere and the towers in Timeless Towers were the tallest in the world. Everyone was staring at John and Jake. You could smell the food everywhere around the city. It was always daytime here.


Captain Jim was away so that meant Jake and John could go wherever they want. They could go get tickets for the football game and they could taste the deliciousness of the food in Timeless Towers, or they could enter an abandoned factory? Jake and John decided to go to the abandoned factory. Was this a bad idea?


They saw red eyes coming from one of the machines…

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