The Spike Frog

The Spike Frog

Yesterday afternoon, the strangest and most alarming thing happened. I was riding my bike down the street to the pond as the sun was shining down on me, but it wasn`t too hot so it was just the perfect day.

I arrived at the pond, took my bag off my back and placed it down on the freshly cut grass. I lent my bike against a big tree and sat down. I opened my bag to get out my book and started to read.

I was reading for ages. I put down my book and looked at my watch and the time said 13:45. I had been reading for almost an hour! The time had flown by so I decided to sit and just watch all the wildlife and relax. I could hear the road groan as a car drove by.  Suddenly I thought that I should probably start heading home soon since it was getting late. So I got up to fetch my bike when I realised something strange. There were giant foot prints that circled all around the pond.

I walked over to the foot prints to take a closer look. I realised that the shape of the foot print was more like the outline of a frog foot, but much much bigger.  It was as big as a car tyre. There was scratched  grass all around each foot print and flowers had been ripped up all around the pond. Then the sky darkened and the pond started to bubble. I took a step back from the pond as a giant frog looking creature arose from the now dark and dirty pond.

The creature looked about 10 feet tall with spikes all over its back down to its long scaly tail. It’s arms were thin and long, with nails as sharp as knifes and had frog arms coming out its slimy head.

I was in shock. I couldn’t move, I was just staring at this creature growing taller and taller. Suddenly I knocked some sense into myself and ran back behind the tree to get my bike and rode away as fast as I could, not daring to look behind.

Did I just see the Malamander? It was all I could think the whole way home.

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