The teleporting Malamander

Yesterday afternoon, something shocking happened. I was at the beach playing with my friend while the summer sun was setting, it was a little bit windy but none of us seemed to care.Later on, we were feeling a bit hungry so we went to the food court because we were  famished.We packed our bags and walked back onto the nice, soft sand.Many kids were running about having ice lollies,  making sandcastles and doing all sorts.I was getting a  bit cold so I went and put my fuzzy hat and jacket on.

Soon after, I was getting a bit tired so I went and sat down until, all of a sudden, I caught a glimpse of some humongous webbed foot tracks leading all the way to sea. Me and my friend were starting to wonder what this could be. We followed  the tracks until they stopped right in front of the sea. What could have made this?   Why had it stopped in front of the sea?

I could just about make out  its bloodshot red eyes staring into my soul.It was dark black with smokeless flames emerging from its arms while lots of terrifying  tentacles hung out of its back ready to grab me.It had sharp jagged teeth and needlepoint nails on its claws.Its tail was so long it could have reached to the top of mount Everest.Suddenly it began to grow black and red scales and started to float in the air. Whatever this creature was, It was very mad and I don’t know who it was but I think the problem he has is me!

My heart started pounding rapidly, I began to take deep breaths and slowly back away.I noticed that the creature kept on following me so i ran for dear life.I suddenly remembered my friend she was stood shocked about this miraculous creature  but then the creature was luring towards her with his sharp claws. I grabbed her hand and ran out of that neverending beach as fast as I could!I slowly turned around to see if the creature was following us but instead it had disappeared in a second.Could this have been some kind of teleporting Malamander?Were the old legends and sayings about it true?

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