The Venox

The Venox

Last night, the most unusual thing happened. I was taking my chicken Boe for a midnight stroll in Sane forest. The trees were blowing and leaves were flying everywhere. It was so windy I fell over about fifteen times.


Boe wanted to have a look at a big pile of leaves and spent a lot of time pecking at the leave, occasionally finding bits of rubbish, picking them up and  trying to fit them in her mouth. While she was trying to fit an old boot in her mouth, I decided to have a look at an abnormal large tree.


By now, it was getting cold and the moon had disappeared behind a huge cloud. The wind was starting to blow even faster and as I looked up at the tree , I smelt the rotten meat like ….


I stood still and shouted for Boa. She looked at me and then strutted back to what she was doing as usual. Then it happened. The tree trunk split into two and from the top of the tree two yellow eyes glared down at me, as big as pumpkins.


I realised the tree wasn’t actually a tree, it was a creature. I could make out long arms with hands with only three fingers and huge legs with feet with only two toes. I stood there frozen with fear looking at a mouth with teeth as long as tables and as sharp as swords. This was a creature who killed.


Boa  strutted over. She stopped and gave a loud, long cluck. The creature turned around and walked into the darkness, slowly.


I ran outside Sane forest not even thinking about turning around, Boa running beside me. Had I just seen the Venox? Were the ages old legends true? 

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