The weird creature

Saturday 19th of February 2022,
Yesterday afternoon, my mum and I went shopping at Morrisons. As usual, the sky was grey and it was a bit windy. My mum was trying to pull the trolley to the place it was supposed to be kept while I stood and watched her in amazement.
Instantaneously, the breeze changed and it started to snow in the middle of summer.
In the river, close to the shopping centre a big creature that had never been seen popped outside of the river right before my very eyes. I was so frightened that I stayed behind my mum. The creature looked like a whale, but had a dolphin head and a fish tail.It had a blueish eye and a green slimy body, it had a rainbow hair.
At once, the weather changed and it was brighter than ever before and the weird creature went back in the sea.
I thought to myself did I just see a weird creature in real life or it was just a dream?

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