Venolaga Advnture

Venolaga Adventure

Annaleisa stood glaring at the magic looking skyship feeling butterflies in her stomach. Her older brother Larcus was standing waiting for her to board the skyship for he had gone on an expedition before but she hadn’t. They were going to find their parents who had been reported to be dead on the island of Dens Insula but they though it not to be true. As they were boarding the beautiful Venolaga with its glamorous wings and bulky balloon that is made from dragon skin Annaleisa took a deep breath, and they began their journey. 


They were off! As they passed over their home city of Lignum Villa, they knew there was no turning back now. Soon they passed over Fungus Silvia and were heading to Montis Mountains via Oram Regina because Oram Regina was a remarkably interesting place and their parents had stopped there so they thought there might be some clues. But as they were just under 5 miles from Oram Regina a strong wind started to pick up and they were blown off course. Suddenly, the engine stopped and the skyship slowing started falling out of the sky just above north of Montis Mountains. Annaleisa and Larcus cling to each other as the skyship falls to the depths of the mountains they grab their parashoots and jumped out of the skyship. “HELP!” Shouted Annaleisa “I’M JUST COMING!” Larcus shouted back and then they landed with a CRASH! 

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