An unexpected arrival

Tighue jumped back, ”what was that?” he cried

”I don’t know; let’s find out.” Harry replied.

”Are you sure?” questioned Tighue in a shaky voice, ”what if it’s dangerous?”

”It will be fine.” replied Harry.

”If you say so.” (How could someone not be afraid in this situation?)

Tighue, whose eager saphire eyes burned brightly with excitement, followed reluctantly as Harry surged forward, eager to discover the source of the noise. After what seemed like hours they heard whimpering coming from a dense thorn bush. Tighue jumped back and hid behind a tree, meanwhile Harry searched deeper into the bush for the creature.”Tighue look!” ”it’s a baby dinosaur!” Tighue slowly came out from behind the tree. The dinosaur froze as still as a statue and stared at the both of them.. ”It’s injured,” he exclaimed, ”Lets help it. They both hurried back to the skyship distressed and wondering how to help.

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