Chapter 3- A new addition

Something was prowling just beneath the surface of the water. Ash, whose face became a ghostly figure, crouched under the deck making a frown. Cautiously, Gladion tiptoed across the ship, desperate to know what was lurching beneath the waters. An outstretched paw appeared from the sea. Gladion carefully reached out his hand. There seemed to be a bright blue figure who looked injured. He just couldn’t figure out what it was so he called Ash. “You’ve got to come see this Ash. Its a tiny creature but I don’t know what it is.”

Ash reluctantly said “Fine.” He crept towards what he thought was a mighty beast but to his surprise it was just a tiny creature. ” We have to pull it on board. Oh and by the way it’s called a Bragon, a baby one.


As Gladion pulled the Bragon on board, Ash sprinted across the ship to find some bandages to heal it wondering if it would ever survive.

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