New crew member

Chapter 3

As a set of purple horns started appearing on the edge of the valiant,Ethan whose legs trembling with fear , took steps back,had bumped into the front of the tiller. Ethan whose face drenched in a pale colour, ducked down behind the tiller. However Mia slowly approached the edge of the sky ship, as she wondered what strange noise was to be heard. She could make out  the shape of  some purple figure.It was little and had obsidian black eyes.It stared at Mia who looked puzzled .It stared at her in curiosity and wondered what type of creature Mia was.”Ethan come quick,look what I’ve found It’s a baby troll,It’s hurt! Mia screeched. Mia whose brows frowned with concentration,reached over to grip onto  the  trolls  scaly hands  and pull it on deck.

Although, the baby troll  was onboard it looked freezing in the cold windy breeze. Ethan ran off to find the first aid kit and a warm blanket  to put over the troll.Ethan whose face less pale than before helped Mia with the the troll.

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  1. I love the description and details you put into your story, how did you get these ideas?, but I would also suggest making the suspense a little bit longer.

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