A pair of beating wings erupted from the dense undergrowth. Sara bolted onto deck, curious to discover what caused the noise. Arthur, whose emerald green eyes were as wide as saucers, jumped back behind the control panel. Suddenly, the sound stopped. Sara took her hand out to see what was going on but before she did, a strange creature jumped out of the bush onto the sky ship.In shock  Arthur quickly ran to the other side of the sky ship. Sara sprinted over to see what creature it was. ”I think it’s a baby dinosaur,” shy called out ”and I don’t see it’s family around, it could be lost.” Arthur came to-words it. the baby dinosaur looked quite heart.

Sara gave a blanket over the baby dinosaur, hoping it’ll  be ok. The dinosaur was shivering with cold and whimpering so they hugged it to make it warmer and decided to name it Pheonex.

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