The Megalamander

The Megalamander is a type of mander That is aggressive to anything that poses a threat. They are a reptile that lives in the deep waters of Eerie-On-Sea. If they don’t see you as a threat it won’t attack you.


The Megalamander is easy to spot. They have a scaly head as big as its body unlike most creatures. Also, its eyes are like snakes and they can pick up the slightest movements. There is only one Megalamander and it is a colossal beast that is around 20 metres long and 3 metres tall. It’s sharp claws and powerful legs give it the ability to climb walls even upside down. You can see it approaching because its sharp spines stick out the water.


It is an omnivore that eats any type of meat and they will eat some types of berries. They have a toxin in their saliva that stops prey from stopping blood loss so they bleed to death. The Megalamander eats so much that it doesn’t care what it eats.

It lives in a network of underwater caves directly under the Grand Nautilus Hotel. Several times a day it surfaces for berrys and other meats such as cows and sheeps. It has been spotted sleeping on hills.


The public are concerned about the Megalamander coming to the town and destroying it because armys are being killed by it and it is sleeping and living under their town so it could come up at any time to destroy the town.

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