the new crew member

Something was creeping up the side of the Starmazer’s wooden hull, Scratching sounds reverbrating through the ship. Anne, whose face paled like flour shrank back and duked down behind the tiller. Georgina russed to the edge and peered into the gloom below,confused and wondering what on earth could be making such a dreadful noise. She could make out something or somebody scabbling up the side of the ship. It was quite small and had ruby red eyes. It paused and looked back at her. “Its a gloomer,” she called , “And it looks quite harmed.” Georgina , whose brow frowend with concentration confidently reached down to grip its outstreached  paw and pulled it onto the deck. “it must of got hurt in the sea.” the gloomer, was shivering and wining with cold, wrapping its cloud like feathered wings around itself. Anne rushed off to fetch the ships warming blanket, wondering  whether it would survive. ” we should name it Rubbie .” Georgina whispeard. what in heaves will we do with him…

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