The Pandamander

The Pandamander is a type of mammal, closely related to the Malamander that lives in Eerie-on-Sea. Unlike the Malamander  the Pandamander has lungs and gills  so that it can live on land and sea.


Many people believe that the Pandamander has water-proof fur so it’s delicate skin would not be touched by the water. It has beady soulless eyes  and razor sharp teeth for spotting it’s prey and for ripping the animals (or humans) flesh off. They are rude, careless creatures which are nocturnal and come out of water at night. Also, they carry venom within their jaws.


These dangerous creatures used to live in abandoned human territory and are now moving into cities and towns to find more food to eat. Luckily a small variety of Pandamanders go to forests and jungles but loads more are still lurking in the shadows in cities. It is thought that they eat the meat of a white shark, human flesh and berries. 


 A main concern is that 1000 humans are killed a year by the Pandamander. It is getting more and more for humans by the second. Humans are in danger if they go out at night. The public’s lives are at risk. David Attenborough said ‘Stay in homes when the sun has fully set because it is way too dangerous at night right now.

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