The unexpected appearance

Scraping through the skyrider like nails on a chalk board, a tiny mysterious figure appeared. Alex, whose slender frame trembled uncontrollably, ran to the control desk. Alex restricted his eyes on Mike and Zoey . Alex’s face whitened as the small figure broke through the roof. Mike and Zoey ran as the figure emerged from the glistening midnight sky. Mike and Zoey joined Alex behind the control desk bunching up like a hive of bees. Zoey, who’s eyes widened like a vault opening, curiously peered  above the control desk sing the mysterious figure not found. Mike,who’s hair sprang up like a bunny, screamed as he saw the curious figure right next to them. “A baby dragon “? Alex shrieked. The baby dragon trembled and shivered. “The baby dragon must have been injured after the explosion that we caused whilst crashing”said Zoey. They bandaged up the baby dragon and covered him in a blanket, hoping he would survive.


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