The Beeamander is a variety of vertebrates,similar 

to a regular bee but doesn’t look the same.


Beeamanders are covered in pollen,sand and

 flowers.The mander also has smooth,silky skin 


The Beeamander lives in the caves of Atlantic,

You will only see these beautiful creatures when it is sunny.

This is because the Beeamander does not like the rain,


Surprisingly these vertebrates do not eat honey.

 They eat plants,fruit,berries and veggies.


These manders have…

  • Sharp claws and teeth which are as  sharp as a knife so they can climb easily.
  • There are more than 700 different species of manders and these are the easiest ones to find in the public.

It is a really bad concern for the outdoor public because apparently these Beeamanders are causing traffic in the roads.We want to save this amazing creature because these bees can carry 3 times the amount of pollen that a regular bee can. This means more crops and plants growing faster.The happy bee keeping LLC that are saving these Beeamanders are doing all the can to save these amazing creatures They are also making potions that will save them.If this threat continuous then it will lead to inevitable extinction of Beeamanders.Last week Masie (leader of HBK) said “We need to work as a team to help these poor Beeamanders”.Visit now at WWW.HBK.CO.UK to donate how big or little as you want.

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