Duckmanders dangerous death

A Duckamander is the common name for a number of species called waterfowlmander in the family Anatidae.They can live up to 500 years!The species can lay up to 5000 eggs in the nighttime. All Duckamanders have highly waterproof feathers.


Duckamanders have a call that is 1200 decibels. They live around the pond (Moses gate country park) and waters.They eat frogs,small fish and plants.


Most of the Duckamanders eat plants and fish,their natural diet is pond weeds,lso seeds insects(flies),worms,amphibians(frogs) and crustaceans such as ********** is good to feed them frozen peas instead of bread but not all the time because they could die of starvation.


Different duckamanders have different accents. Perhaps, City duckamanders have a louder call than country ones.They can communicate before hatching.Weirdly, duckamanders can sleep with one eye open.Amazingly, they can swim in the cold!


The town is concerned that Mander Plague is spreading as fast as light.They are also concerned about Toxins(another disease).As a result of this they will start to get weak and paralysis.The disease is caused by people leaving unwanted food in their ponds.It is inevitable to read this and not think about helping these sad,poor creatures.


If we allow them to suffer from unusual diets we will no longer have the following:spaghetti bolognese,pizza,salsa sauce,marinara sauce and more because their milk produces what the main ingredient to tomato sauce and puree.To save these dying creatures go to: Mr Sullivan our campaign leader says “We are killing life here and if we’re not careful,we will be next.Do we want to be the generation that lost it all,or the generation that won it all?”

-We can do this-

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