Introduction to Voyager 13

Chapter 1 – Lost

Alby was in the navigation section of the ship his eyes fixed to the monitors; making sure nothing drastic happened. Meanwhile Beth was on the top deck screaming her head off with a smile painted on her face. “I can’t wait to meet Grandma, when are we going to get there!” was swimming through Beth’s mind. 

Out of the abyss, a storm consumed the ship. When Alby looked through a porthole and when he saw the grey looming clouds and blinding flashes of light, he ran to the top deck where rain was plummeting like hail, and yelled “Beth, we need to go downstairs!” “OK!” she replied. As the pair went down towards the lower decks, Alby noticed a buzzing, “Oh I wish it would stop,” thought Alby. The buzzing stopped, Alby’s heart leap, then the captain said through the speakers scattered around the aircraft “Please pay attention, there’s an unusually high heat signature on the left-wing deck three, I repeat there’s an unusually high heat signature on the left-wing deck three, please stop what you are doing and return to your personal cabins.” Since Alby and Beth shared a cabin, they walked together “Beth I’ll go to the monitor room and see what it is,” “No, I’m coming with you; I want to see for myself.” “OK.” sighed Alby. Every step he took it sent a shiver down his spine and each breath seemed like a silent scream. Then he heard scraping metal, abruptly the power went off. 

Beth said to Alby “Let’s be quiet so the ‘thing’ doesn’t hear us” “OK.” Alby whispered. As they ran in the direction of the monitor room, passing countless doors and entrances. Alby made out a distant murmur of somebody strolling around the sky ship. While the two were walking, they did not know that the ‘thing’ was set out in the direction of them but as the strolling got louder it became more recognisable that something was making way for them. “Beth, I think the ‘thing’ or whatever it is wants to kill us” when he said that the brother and sister made a run for it; not caring whether they made noise or not. 

“Wait, stop!” said a familiar voice “Isaac is that you?” Alby called out “Yes it’s me, Alby” answered Isaac, instantaneously a tall boy with, dark hair, came crashing into them. “You almost gave me a heart attack!” “Sorry Alby” “Well, anyway, we should be on alert; we don’t want the ‘thing’ to capture us or kill us” “So should we go to the monitor room or not?” asked Beth, Isaac and Alby both nodded. It turned that they were next to the monitor room; you could hear a slight whirring. “Let’s have look at the heat sensing monitors,” said Alby. When they got to the heat sensing monitors, they noticed something strange. Just like the captain said there was an oddly high heat signature “Isaac, Alby I’m seeing a red dot going around the cabins, do you see it too or am I just hallucinating?” Beth asked, “I see it too; do think that the ‘thing’ is going around stealing things,” Isaac said “the ‘thing’ is person or either machine and it is tricking us all so it or they can rob everyone” “Well I don’t think we should jump to conclusions so quickly with little facts” Alby stated “I agree with Alby, if we don’t know a lot we shouldn’t be accusing” said Beth. “I don’t agree with you two, though we should land the ship and find some help.” Isaac said “Yeah I don’t want to be running around with a monster on the loose” replied Beth. So, they went towards the pilot section. When they eventually got there somebody shouted, “Oi you’re not allowed in here so go away!” “We’re just here to tell you that someone’s running around pretending to be a crazy animal and we need to land and have an official or somebody like that to a proper look” Beth shouted back “Alright I’ll land a ship at Vilever” the person replied. It took a while to land but in the end they eventually landed with a thud. 

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