Ramanders under inordinate threat!

The mystical creature lives in places that are fresh and natural.The ramander are deserted animals unless it is,their friends or parents.They enjoy spending their time bathing next to the rising waving waves,on the shoreline.They like to go to the sea and look at the glowing pool.They are legendary and can only be found in places that are very natures centred and cool.The ramanders are very alerted by anything.They also love to collect things like shells and rocks.The ramanders like to live in places,with rabbits because they like company.Weirdly the ramander, always like to go underground the probably because they like to see fossils.


 The ramanders are under great threat.The Ramanders escaped into the world and the whole world knows about them. They were really giddy, and fast so the they made their way to a beach. Then People started trying to attack them with nets.Several Ramaders are taking their last breath, as humans sacrifice ramanders for their fuzzy fur. However, some people are creating a campaign for the poor ramanders that have to sadly die.On the other hand,  if the ramanders still endangered then they may, sadly sadly become extinct.But however, If humans carry on they,will be arrested.I  am part  of the campaign.If you want to join you can.The website is One person of our campaign called billy said it is,amazing working for animals justice.Come to our campaign to help.

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