Foxmander in danger.


The foxmander is a variety of omnivorous mammals,closely related to jackalmander that lives in arid grasslands,unlike the jackalmander,the foxmander can jump between 3 feet or 6 feet.The fox mander can scavenge through loads of bins.The jackalmander does not possess paws but the foxmander possesses paws and lungs so it can stay on land.


Foxmanders are easy to identify.They have a  huge snout and its brilliant peach fur that is not like the fennec fox.The fur of the foxmander makes it camouflage in leaf piles if there danger and curls into a ball to keep quiet from humans.Furthermore,the foxmander has medium-sized legs and small arms with sharp claws.The foxmander’s head and feet are powerful,this is so they can feed off prey.  


 These mystic creatures live in mountains and forests away from humans that could take them away.The foxmander is soundless and divided their time between forests and mountains with snow flowing down it.All of this means they are rarely seen but if anyone approaches the foxmander will attack.The foxmander  does not eat humans even though there omnivorous.


It’s very worrying that the foxmander is under threat and people want to eat him,let’s try to get protection for the foxmander so call us at 1960-6411-96104 and visit grande says we should save the foxmander and raise 100000 pounds on ‘gofundme’.


by lacie

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