Sea Serpent in danger by Liam

Sea Serpent in danger

The sea serpent is classified as a sea monster which is closely related to the frilled shark.Unlike the frilled shark,the sea serpent can live on land and on water.

Sea Serpents are hard to identify as they look like an eel.A sea serpent has slippery,slimy fins.It also has spikes all down its back.It has a venomous tongue to kill its prey while it’s in its mouth.

This vicious creature lives in The Great Barrier Reef and only hunts at night so they can catch their prey more easily.They eat big fish such as sharks,eels and sometimes crocodiles (if there is any).

These animals are mistaken for eels so people kill them thinking it was an eel.So please even if it is an eel don’t kill it just in case it isn’t.

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