Sea Serpent in danger

Sea Serpent in danger 

The Sea Serpent is a variety of sea monster, closely related to the Frilled shark that lives in the area of Eerie-on-sea. Unlike the Frilled shark, the sea serpent has both gills and lungs so it can survive in sea or on land.

Sea Serpents are easy to spot; they are 100ft tall so it’s not hard to spot them. They have huge heads, foot long eyes, sharp teeth and long arms. Their teeth are sharper than the tungsten needle ( the sharpest needle ever made).Their skin is a cadmium green and is known to be slimy. Their scales are icy cold as it’s a cold-blooded fish. This creature weighs 200 tons!

This animal lives in the depths of the North Atlantic ocean. The coast of the United States. It likes to live at the bottom of the ocean as people can’t find it but has been spotted above the ocean several times. This animal has been swimming around the remains of the Titanic.

This vicious sea serpent has an extremely strict diet. This sea monster eats only humans which makes this animal a carnivore.

Marine Biologists are concerned that if people continue to hunt this animal it will become extinct as there are less than 100 of this rare creature left. This animal could get very angry if poachers try to kill it. Greta Thunberg  said “ this poor precious animal deserves to be left alone and shouldn’t have to go through the fear that it might die any day now”. Please try and protect this creature and leave it in peace.

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