The dangered Dragamander

The Dragamander is a mammal, almost related to the famous Malamander that lives in Ereie-on-sea. But the dragamander lives in Ta Lo, a magical land guarded by moving trees the only way to get in is the rout that leads you to the land. It can live in ocean of the land or just the land.


The dragamander is a 30 meter long mammal. It has dragon keeth red fur, its body is a silver and green fade and it has hazel pierced eyes.


It eats 8,000 kg of Kong ( that’s two Asian elephants) It can live over 90 or 100 years old, but the largest one ever found was 113 years old in the deepest end of the Ta Lo ocean.


But sadly the land was abominated by Russian troops. They took all of the power. That’s why, today they’re the the most largest and overpowered country.


These majestic creatures live in watery districts and away from piers and shipwrecks . They are very anxious and have a lot of nerve, there favourite place to relax and get all the stress away is a rocky lake for a seaweed tree. Some sailor’s use to call them the red-snake because of the  red dragon keeth fur and the snake like fade body. They’re usually spotted in the Mira ocean where they are born.


It is  of tolerable threatening   that the dragamander is endangered. Many cities around the glob assume that cutting open there red keeth fur gives you the most unbelievable dragon fruit and 1981 knight amour. The national society of New York are holding a campaign to help these under threat creatures there is some more information at our website http://www.dragamander’ Jack Hanna is holding the campaign and he would appreciate all the help we could need.

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