Turkeymander in danger

The Turkeymander in danger


The Turkeymander is a rare species closely related to a turkey due to how his face looks. Unlike  the usual turkey, the Turkeymander possesses scales for agility in water.


Turkeymanders are easy to spot, due to the fact that it;s recognizable on land and on water not blending in with its surroundings. This type of creature is very popular, but due to the fact that it is hunted down, not many of these species live the loving freedom. Turkeymanders all have: a fishtail, gills, sharp beaks, fins and flippers. For protection, Turkeymanders always use their beak and tail for defence. Compared to other turkeys, the Turkeymander does not have feet. They feed on: fish, earthworm shells and seaweed as well as water snails. At night time, they hunt for little sea creatures and other glowing plants in the deepest parts of the ocean.


This creature has become a legendary figure for all of us and any other fish. Compared to any other sea monster, it finds seeing in the dark a piece of cake. Sightings are rare at night time in water or land which makes it a relaxing sight. The turkeymander is also known all over the world.


This animal is highly hunted down and sadly not many of these types of species still live in their homeland seas and beaches ( that rarely get cleaned up.) Save them before it’s too late.



By Matei

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