Venox in danger

The Venox is a species of the malamander family but, unlike the rest of the malamanders it lives on land and not water.


Venoxs are hard to spot but once you see it, you know that it’s a Venox. They have long, stretching arms, thin, giant legs and a twisting, huge neck with a mushroom shaped head on top unlike any other species on earth. They have black fur and sometimes dark leaves grow on them as well which makes fabulous camouflage during the night. Furthermore, the Venox has glowing, yellow eyes which means they can see very well in the dark.


These giant creatures live on the planet Garckas and sometimes Earth forests. They aren’t to be messed with as all day they generally search for meat, eat meat and search for meat again. All of this means that if anyone approaches they will be eaten alive or get away with only one leg. They cooperate with a species called the Watermander to hunt and kill. Lumberjacks used to call Venoxs ‘The demon of darkness’ because they would try to hunt and kill the lumberjacks, similarly to a demon except they were black.


The majority are concerned that both fishing boats and Venoxs are under threat. Many people have seen Venoxs with fins underwater which was horrifying for them as they thought they were going to be eaten. The thing is that a number of fishing boats have already been destroyed and Venoxs are getting caught in nets and dying. Our large group of people are trying to stop this happening which is why we are trying to make the underwater zone they live in a no human zone. If you would like to join us or help a little go to or donate £10 to 065844 David Attenborough says ‘We must help this beautiful creature before it dies and it is taught as part of history to the next generation’.

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