Wolfmander in anger

The Wolfmander is a type of wolf it’s variety is mammal.The Wolfmander has dark gray skin and is covered in black skin.The Wolfmander normally lives in dark caves and is sometimes found in forests.


These amazing creatures live in hidden caves and sometimes in forests.They can be found in hidden places because they don’t want to be near the public.New born Wolves are born blnd and deaf and have bright blue eyes.


The public are concerned. Wolves may have a disease that is spreading as fast as a cheetah and is spreading to all animals. This disease is inevitable.We need to find a cure. People are now killing everything that has the disease.The best doctor in the world Bob Jeffery is finding a cure for this disease.If this disease continues, every animal on earth will die.If you want to help then visit the wolves. Jeffery Bob said”You should come and help or all the animals on earth will die.

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