Wolfmander in danger

Wolfmander in danger 


The wolfmander is a variety of Mammal Closely related to the wolf that lives in the area of Eerie-on-sea.Unlike the wolf ,it can reach up to 40 miles per hour and can use its fur as a swimsuit (handy for catching fish).


Wolfmander’s are easy to identify with their jagged quivers like a hedgehog’s although they help them camouflage in their grassy surroundings .If under threat these quivers will perk up in defence .

Because these are sharp it can cut a predator’s limbs .The wolfmander doesn’t have many predators since they hunt the bear.


The wolfmander usually eats meat such as deer, fox,bears and sometimes each other .Although they can also eat some fruits and berries this is very rare to see but they do have a balanced diet .


It is an unsettling concern that these animals are becoming extinct and that they are not harmful to any animal if they have trust in them. Many countries think that they are werewolves and can make people into them. This is obviously not true so please help us keep these animals alive call707652 and donate £1 to help us keep these innocent animals.


By Jack

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