The wolfmander is a carnivore that is known highly for its hunting, and is a rare type of wolf . This species hunts down innocent humans. The wolfmanders is a variety of mammals.

This species of animal has fur planted all around the animals body, and has claws that are 79 inches long and 61 inches wide. Minority of people say that their teeth are twice the length of their claws.

Most wolfmandes are sighted in woodlands, grasslands or the great green forests.These creatures sometimes like to be harsh but most of the time they are as friendly as a panda.These lively, lovely and friendly creatures or also commonly known for moon-bathing.

Most wolfmanders eat other mammals such as deer,elks,beavers, moose and many more agitated animals. Despite their niceness they still eat other animals.

Wolfmanders are endangered species & the public are concerned that if they become extinct they will have to pay a lot more tax because they are responsible for these creatures because the governor stated. The cause of this endangered creature is because of animal hunters ( Donald Trump’s Son). Almost all of Europe and the USA say they need to be sent to a private zoo. Yet people hate these animals. These species should be taken to the KHAN campaign to be looked after nicely!

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