The Titanamander

The Titanamander is a highly endangered species and there are only a few of them left in the wild. These creatures help trees grow and have been dropping in large numbers as they are being hunted for their skin  as it is used for snakeskin boots and jackets.


These amazing creatures are very snake-like and often get confused with their extinct counterpart, the Titanoboa. They are 10 foot long and often weigh about the same as an elephant. Unlike the Titanoboa, the Titanamander has two little arms to support its weight and has a wing-like frill around its neck. Their scales are green, sludgy colour to help them blend in with their surroundings.


The Titanamander is commonly found in swampy or rainforest areas and in the winter migrate toward grassland or mountains depending on the weather. Despite this, because of global warming they have been seen making their way into the underground train tracks of London.

Due to rainforests being cut down and houses being built these animals have been losing their homes and habitats. They are also being hunted down for their lungs as they are used in medicine and so much more, so if you would please donate £1 to our website, every one pound is one Titanamander saved.

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