Chapter 1 By Bobby SWW

You’ve probably been to Fun-on-Sea where seagulls are trying to pinch your ice-cream. You ‘ve probably spent all your time in the sea or sun bathing while your children have probably tried the ice-cream Sunday donut.

But in winter you ‘ve probably not been here the cold wind swarmed against your face. You would feel like your teeth are froze like a icicles.

Chapter 1
My name is David Foster and I work at a Fish and chips shop by the sea side.​ My job might not sound so exciting but is not the worst job in the world .I used to sleep on the floor of my little basement but now I’ve got a sleeping bag.

I hear a banging on the window of the shop, “Let me in!” I opened the door , as soon as she got into the shop the only thing I heard was, “Hide me !” I rushed her behind some batter boxes, I asked her why she needed to be hidden. She didn’t respond, I’m thinking ‘why has she come to me?’ a weak girl I can barely carry a bag of sugar, I just went on with it.

Is there a door on the way down to the stairs and are you alone?

Yes I am alone and there is a door on the way down the stairs.

Before I go, on I’m going to let you in to a little secret; Centuries ago there was a legend about a mythical
Squirrelmander it roamed the streets of our town. People would hide there self’s from the mander It smelled like rotten fish and the wood from fishmens.


Back story – the legend – the main character tells the reader the backstory.
The story carries on.

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