Before going to bed, the crew had a nice dinner for the celebration for fixing the sky-ship and they set sail. Just then, they heard a cry in the bed room. They came upstairs to find the dragon turning into a fox. It looks like the crew forgot that dragons are morphed when they’re babies but once they get over two months old they shapeshift into a fox and grow fangs and tails. It turns out the baby was crying for its new fangs to grow. Maya managed to make a crib with some new wooden planks on the ship. She also managed to keep the fox quiet and she tucked the fox in bed. When it was finally asleep they back downstairs and began celebrating again but this time in a quieter voice. While they began to celebrate, Freya noticed a dark, corrupted figure in purple behind the wall of trophies. Freya came to check it out but there was nothing there.

When the crew got to sleep, Freya couldn’t stop thinking of the figure she saw in the evening. She tried to sleep but that failed. Just then Freya heard a cry in the other room. Everyone was asleep while she was sneaking into the bedroom to only find the same dark figure holding the fox up on its leg while it was crying. She screamed as loud as she can and the scream woke up the members including the captain. The member came in and saw the figure. It managed to get away and Freya saw the glimpse of the figure and saw its dark, black eye. Everyone managed to calm down [somehow] and they took the fox and crib in their bedroom to make it feel a lot safer. This time everyone was asking on what it was and they all had theories in their dreams on who it could have been.

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