Elementmanders on shore!


You’ve probably been to Grain on Sea, and in summer, it is wonderful. You probably made castles, swam in the waves, too. It’s a great place.

But, in winter, its Grained on Sea. The sand has become snow, the breeze is fast as ever, and shops closed. And the lifeguards insist there is a reason, but no one knows If it’s just a lie.

Chapter 1

My name is Pranovy Fisher. But, most people call me Prawn, though. I work at the Lifeguard Organisation there. I am a Children’s Lifeguard, protecting and patrolling the beach. Someone once told me I don’t get paid enough for my job, but the pretty rocks I find make up for it. I have a little room and pod where I sleep and have fun during the late days in the winter. I am also very lonely on those days,  but the lifeguards make me happy. The busiest days are the best, because I look for exposed rocks.

A girl bangs on the window, “Open this window right this instance!” She says. It is very late, but I decide I prefer company. So I let her in.

”close it! Close it all!”. I listen.

Now, I need to tell you a story. It took so long to write, it is still being written down, 20 years later. However, my father, Pract Fisher remembers it all. The locals say of a type of mander, called the Elementmander, which originated from Eerie on Sea that haunts the shore. It is a breed of all elements, air, fire, water and earth manders. It haunts the beach, and has the ability to summon fire, waves, air and vines. The say it came last on January 3rd 2000 and hasn’t been sighted since. 3 were spotted round. 23 died, and a further 40 injured.
Some say it ate them.

Some say it drowned them.

Some say it will return any day now, 20 years later.

Now we are back. The girl continued:

”I saw them!” She said.

”saw WHAT?” I replied.

”The- The” she continued rapidly calming down.

”The WHAT?” I said after enough the’s that I couldn’t  say the anymore.

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