Indi’s Place

My name is Indi-Lou Leigh. Most people call me Indigo to make fun of me. I have my very own cafe called Indi’s place. I am actually very successful in my business! Lots and lots of famous people come and try out new foods then spreads them out over the world! You never knew the person who created the Rocky Road treat have you? Well, you do now! I have made over 50 cook books, 12 cookery series and over 700,000 recipes! I mostly work at home in my kitchen, listening to my favourite beats. Did you know that I have never actually had a review under 5 stars? I have been creating a super secretive cake that no one will know what it tastes like! Do you know why? It’s because it changes flavours! You want to give it a try? Just go over to my website and type CAFE for a 50% off of your meal/drink!

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