Melonmander near extinction

Melonmander near extinction

The melonmander is a variety of mammal, closely related to the malamander that lives in the area of Eerie-on-Sea. Unlike the malamander, the melonmander possesses both gills and lungs so that it can survive in the sea or on land.

It has a yellow and orange body with a tan shell and bird-like feet. With lovely tasting flesh you can see why they are becoming extinct. The shell protects the melonmander from predators as it is very hard to penetrate. If the melonmander gets frightened it lets out a deafening roar, this is so loud that it can be heard for miles around. Its claws are like hawks and they can run as fast as a cheetah and swim as fast as a hippo.

They like to come out in the height of the midday sun as it heats up their shell like a solar panel so they can store heat to keep them warm in the cold ocean. If they see humans they hide in the sand using their claw-like feet to dig. They like to live on their own but like to play with others when in the water.

They live in salt water pools left by the sea tide. They eat small fish and crabs. Due to their flesh tasting sweet, they are often hunted by the sea farmers living on the sea shore. They sell the melonmanders at local markets as a delicacy.

Due to them being farmed, there numbers are drastically decreasing and this is why we want to list them as an endangered species and make it illegal for anyone to hunt them in the summer months.This is when they spend most of their time on the sandy beaches and not in the depths and safety of the ocean.

If we allow them to be cruelly over-fished, and killed for their flesh they will become extinct. If you would like to help us save these creatures, please sign the petition on Stella McCartney is our society’s patron and says that we should, ‘work together to build a safe environment for these beautiful, harmless creatures that are truly one of the wonders of this world’.

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