5 minutes later Mariana found a little spot to put the baby dragon. As she was putting the dragon down and putting a blanket over it Ty was wondering if he would ever see home again. Mariana was starting to get closer to the baby dragon but she decided to spend a little time away from him and walked over to Ty. ‘Are you okay?’ she said. Ty stayed silent. Then they suddenly heard a giant roar coming from the distance. ‘What was that?!’ Mariana wondered. Then suddenly they saw a giant green eye coming from the gray, gloomy fog. ‘Oh my gosh! What is that!?’ Mariana shouted

‘I think it’s the mum of the dragon!’ Ty said ‘Oh no..’ Mariana said to  herself. Mariana was starting to back away and so was Ty they picked the baby dragon up and said is this your baby? Mariana said the dragon Groanded.

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