the dragon eggs

They went to sleep for the next day when it was the next day they saw a huge ice burg they decided to explore it and did not believe what they saw… “DRAGON EGGS” they both shouted in shock they decided to take one and left before the mom of the dragon got there.

They called the dragon icy then Ty decided to build a shack so they could live in there after that the decorated the inside and out and it was really big for them the crew and the dragon icy.

Suddenly, they saw a huge blue claw threw there peep hole on the door then an eye staring right back at them then they recognized it was icy mother trying To get her child then they heard a crack. Before they could check what it was the mother distracted them by trying to destroy the shack then they hid the egg and distracted the mum.

One Response to “the dragon eggs”

  1. I love the idea of dragon eggs. How many dragons where there? Not very descriptive, maybe add a bit more next time. Thank you x

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