The glowing eye

Several hours later, the crew returned and patched the sky ship balloon and they were getting ready to settle down in a couple of hours they were fast asleep. While everybody was sleeping it started to snow. Ty woke up and wasn’t sure that the sky ship would be able to fly. He wandered if he would ever see home again. The next morning they woke up and they heard something climbing up and they could hear screeching the sky ship they were thinking it was another dragon. Suddenly, they saw a huge eye peering into the window.


A couple of hours later they set off to go back home. As soon as they feed the baby dragon it went straight to sleep. They thought that dragon’s eye was the mother dragon looking where her baby dragon was. Marina was thinking about what to do with the dragon give it back or keep it. They decided to let it go so they opened the roof and let the mother dragon in she instantly took her baby back and they flew away. Minutes later they went to sleep they were dreaming about the dragon and sky ships and great adventures. The Sky ship flew throughout the night to dawn. When they woke up they were finally home they got off the sky ship and went into their house.

One Response to “The glowing eye”

  1. I love the suspense you put into your story. Where did the baby dragon come from? I think you should of made the ending a bit more exciting.

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