You have probably visited Troon beach. In summer, you most likely pushed your sibling into the cooling sea at the shoreline then walked home in your sandy bear feat, soaking from the incident. When you visited there would have been a beach park to occupy you, the kiosk to buy chips, slushie, ice-cream, burger and lots more! You probably were invited to a sleepover, went to a beach party, or enjoyed the beach volleyball with your friends!


However, in the winter, you probably watched the rain dribble down your window while you were dying to go outside. I dare you to stay for the frosty mornings, where you struggle to get in your car, in a rush to go somewhere. People say they don’t enjoy the stormy weather on the beach, having to put on layers of clothes and not being able to enjoy the frantic weather. But, some people imply that there are other reasons they don’t visit our beach in the winter.


Chapter 1


My name is Izzy Gregg and I work at the local kiosk of Troon beach. Most people call me Izz- wiz. I am the kiosks manager. I make sure everyone is doing their job, make sure the place is clean and I usually serve people too. People usually tell me that they would never want to work at a job like mine, especially since I am the manager but I don’t think it’s that bad! I installed a boiler in the staff room to keep mainly me warm for when I sleep there on the winter nights, if I get hungry I can easily grab an ice-cream or something that we sell and the best thing is I get it for free! We get lots of visitor’s in the summer, in the winter we don’t get as much but, people don’t like visiting our beach in winter but I’m still told to keep open.


As I’m about to drift off to sleep, I suddenly hear someone bang on the shutters of the kiosk. I lift the shutters up slightly not sure what to do. A little girl squeals silently “let me in, please!!” I saw how cold she looked, she was in a sleeveless top! So I opened the shutters fully and I helped her inside. I wonder why she was out so late?  “I need to hide, now!” She hissed while panting beside me.


Before I tell you what happens next, there is a story that I need to tell you. It happened ages ago, nobody can remember what exact date but people have said they remember it being in the winter. Legends say it was a monster, that roamed around on the beach, looking to attack. From what I have heard, this monster is a part of the mander family and they called  this one a Frogamander. Apparently it only comes out in winter weather, looking to snatch little kids when it has the chance, some people say this creature is massive, some people say its small. People say it looks exactly like a frog, but with spikes all over its body and cute eyes to fool you and that it leaps from lily-pad to lily-pad and goes underwater in the summer. Whenever it sees a fish it takes the chance to destroy it.


Some say this creature is looking for children, some say it means no harm, some say it comes to steal our fish. I personally have never heard anything suspicious on our beach in the stormy nights, except from trouble-making teenagers. When it’s dark, I do hear some weird sounds but I have always thought it was the wind, maybe I was mistaken.


“Why do you need to hide so bad?” I whispered gently at her “What has happened?”


“I have saw it!” She replies quick and immediately “close the shutters and hide us both!”

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