Liomander ?




You’ve probably been to Troon beach. In the summer time, you probably kicked the sand and your dog chased after it. You probably enjoyed a huge 99 cone on a hot day and almost definitely cycled along the cycle path and people were walking on it. Try being there in the rock swim museum it is mesmerising  . It is that kind of place where the real fun begins.


But in winter, well you hid inside the hotel and listened to the hail. You probably, hated going on a walk and being battered by the waves. You should try being there when it is almost so cold you freeze, but most people stay away in winter because of something else…


Chapter 1


My name is Strawberry Mc cushion and I work at the rock  swim museum. Most people call me Strawbs. I am the museum inspector. I search for stolen object, scare people away if they break in at night and sometimes tidy up after everyone. Someone once said to me that I must love my job but I don’t really like it. I have a room at the side that  decorate and hung up a pic of my daughter who is in college. I’m basically lonely all the time I have no friends I just scare people.


A boy chaps on the door shutter and uses all of his might to rip it open he whisper In a stunned voice” take me, save me” I look at him in disbelief is it you? It is late get in here the museum is closed why are you here? He looked bad I mean bad he was shivering and crying. He sat on my bed and said “let me go now!” 


Before I go on further there is a tail about this town, it is a bit foggy in my mind but I can remember most. It happened so long ago. The local legends say there was a monster that comes out at the dead of night and walk through the street lamp knocking them over. It is led to believe that it is a type of Mander the liomander and only make rare appearances on young boys. It smelled of a Friday night chippy and the smell of dead children. It left a footprint bigger than a bear  and a body shaped like a lion standing up but a face like a sweety rapper. They  say at night it stomps and makes sounds of roars. That sound make everyone scared they lock the door and head for their basement.


Some say the creature had lost its baby. Some say it is out for a child to snach and then to eat. Some say it is attracted to light and would not stop till it found fire.  I’ve never heard it in the storm or showers, when it get dark through the allay way, the wind makes whistling noises that people might find strange.


“Why do you need to go you came in?” I said angrily back “What is wrong ?”SPEAK NOW” I said in a whiney voice

“I saw it the thing, into the basement we must go down there, I am going crazy” he whispered

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