You’ve probably been to Troon. In summer, you’ve probably felt the warm summer heat bouncing off your skin and maybe even got your pool out and had a refreshing dip. When you went there, it must have felt like a holiday to any warm country. You’ve probably been taken to the Ice Cream Factory. It’s that kind of place… in the summer.


But in the winter, you probably felt the piercing wind nipping at your skin. You should try being there when the rain smacks onto the ground and hail hits your window. You should try being there when all the children squish their faces up at the window to see the frozen grass and icy roads.


Chapter One



My name is Ezra Fitz and I work at the Ice Cream Factory. Most of my friends call me Ez. I do the job of making sure customers get what ice cream they want. I scoop the ice cream, put it in the cone and sell it. Some people tell me it sounds boring but I quite enjoy it. I am very busy in the summer because everyone needs to cool off but in the winter everyone is cool enough. I stay just round the corner from the shop , so I’m always on time. I love my job because it’s amazing seeing the smile on people’s faces when I hand them their ice cream.


I heard the bell of the door jingle. I take a look at my watch and its 11:12,it’s very late. I come out the back of the shop to see a girl, standing and looking outside the shop, worried. Suddenly, she spun round to look at me with her pale face and dark bags under her eyes. She put her hands on her scared knees .Trying to catch her breath, she whispers “Hide me!”


Before I continue with what happens next, there is a story of our town that I should explain. It happened very long ago so the story doesn’t go around much anymore. Local legends state that a monster comes out of the sea at night and walks down the beach, searching for someone to attack. Apparently, it was related to the Malamander and it is known as the Octomander and it only comes out at night since no one is there. It smells of rotten fish and sea water. It left long, wide footprints on the sand. They say that the Octomander wandered the streets panting, stomping and growling. When the locals ever heard this noise, they would lock the doors and windows, draw the curtains and hide.


Some say that the creature was hunting. Some say it needed help. Some say it needed to be fed. Personally, I’ve never heard this creature wander the beach, when the town is goes dark, it might be the storms, the wind that makes these noises that are mistaken for this creature.


“Why do you want me to hide you?” I whispered back at her, looking through the window. “What’s happened out there?”


“I’ve seen it!” she cried, ” Lock all windows and doors, draw the curtains and hide!”

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