You’ve probably been to Joyful-on-bay.In summer maybe you built sand castles with glistening golden sand or went bodyboarding in the luxury lapis blue seas.When you came here you probably noticed and heard the beautiful tunes.You might have even seen a chippy


But in winter the wind is bitter and howls like a wolf on a full night.The waves crashed against the the shore.You need to dress up warm to face the to face the bitter winds that bite against your face.Beware anything can be lurking a few feet in front of you in the mist.



My name is reese puff and i work at the seaside fish n chips The fish n chips close to the start of the pier.Most people call me rees for short.Im pretty much the shop caretaker.I open and close the shop and clean it.Also i mop the floor everyday and polish the windows.One day somebody came to me and said isn’t this a bad job but i like it anyway.I live in a little area in the back hidden by a table.


When I closed the door I heard this banging on the window.I turned around and saw this girl climb through it looked as if she was desperate to get in.She mumbled”i’m being chased”just before she got to the radiator.


Before I can continue with what happens next there is one story about our town that I should tell you about. A long long time ago nobody remembers the date or little detail.Local legends remember during storm venice this tall figure came out of the sea and scavenged around the town.some people believed it stunk of seaweed.


People think it was injured and limping through the streets searching for food.Some people believe that it was the cry of a dying whale

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