You’ve probably been to Disney-on-land. In Summer, you probably played Frisbee with Minnie and Mickey mouse or went on a magic carpet ride with Aladin. When you came there would have been welcomed with a parade leaded by Donald duck and Daisy duck. A beach with the softest sand to enjoy and sun-bath . You probably got taken to the imagination wall of fame the warmest spot  in Disney-on-sea or go to Olaf’s concert he is singing” in Summer” . It’s the kind of place… In the Summer.


But in the Winter ,you probably wanted to feel the warmness of a hot chocolate . But what you did feel was the cold and bitterness of Maleficent’s heart . You should try being there when the snow heavily falls out of the sky . You should try being there when it is so cold ,all the water has turning into ice on the road. Few people visit then but even locals say to stay away , and some say scary things have happened….

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