The Crabamander Chapter 1 and Prologue


You’ve probably been to hail stone harbour. In the summer, you probably got ice-cool ice-cream’s, went for a swim in the soothing warm water or enjoyed the sun. When you came there were probably no clouds, and people in shorts and t-shirts. It is that kind of place… in the summer.


But in the winter, you probably feel the like you’re in the artic or you are a walking ice-man. You should try being there when the hail stones are non-stop for two months, hence the name. You should try being there when the wind in like a meteor had just hit the ground right in front of you. The chances of people being for a holiday then are extremely low. Even the locals keep away from the beach… and some say they have a good mind to.


Chapter 1

My name is Sammy Shark-tooth and I work at the one of a kind, Hailstone Hotel. I am the hotel’s care taker. I polish the floors, hoover and tidy up the place at the end of the day. Someone once said to me that it sounded a terrible job but I quite like it. I have my own cosy little room with a fire, food and drinks so for me, I’m living the life in here. We get plenty of visitors in the summer but barely any in the winter.


A girl tap’s on the window and hissed “Let me in.” She looked so cold that I just couldn’t possibly say no. So I open the window and she carefully crawls inside. Her hair was like she had just came out the shower and her eyes sparkled like the summer’s sea. She ran down to the rug in front of the fire and said “Hide me”


 Before I go any further with what is going to happen next, I must tell you a story about our town that you need to know. It happened such a long, long time ago that nobody knows the exact date when. Local legends tell of monster that comes out of the sea and roamed the streets at night. Apparently it was a variety of Mander known as the Crabamander, only came out on stormy nights like this one. It smelled like a rotten fish had just eaten a stink bomb. It left a trail of  footprints that looked like a crab holding up its pincers. They say at night, when the Crabamander wandered the streets, it would make an ear aching screech, causing the people of the town to close their doors, close the curtains, turn out the lights and hide.


Some say it’s sad and it crying. Some say that its angry and screaming in anger and it’s dangerous and we should be careful when we are out at night. I have never seen it but I am pretty sure I have heard some pretty weird screaming noises in the wind.


“Why do need to hide?” I ask

” I have seen it,” she says “Don’t just stand there, draw the curtains, lock the doors and turn out the lights and hide!” 

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